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   Our primary goal is to make our students fluently communicate in English and it is achieved while they are having fun barely doing any homework at all.  This is a teaching method that is inspired by our love for this job and is realised with the help of technology ( interactive whiteboards, electronic books ).

   Young students learn through play which guarantees long-term knowledge as even Socrates and Plato supported ( "The Republic" ).

   Older students appreciate the freedom they enjoy since they have minimal homework as well as the skills they acquire which finally lead them to getting their B1, B2 and C2 certificates.( Pass rates: First certificate (Lower) Cambridge 100% with very good marks in five years, Proficiency Cambridge 100%) The target language is used throughout the lesson.





   The school started in September 1981.  It is on the ground floor surrounded by a garden where children enjoy playing in the breaks.

   Inside it is a family environment, decorated with colourful posters and students' drawings on the walls.

   Since 1981 we have been teaching students of all ages, both children and adults who have taken exams for all certificates including IELTS and TOEFL to start studying abroad. 

   The teachers are experienced, they all have university degrees and specialised training in teaching students with dyslexia or ADHD.  We all share the same love for children and an urge to be creative and original.

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The more you practice the         better you get!!!

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